I am a pragmatic PhD graduate with experience in PR, consulting, and project management. I have studied philosophy, economics, linguistics, logic, and jurisprudence. I am committed to (non-naïve) utilitarianism, (political) liberalism, and truth.

My work is driven by a strong passion for communication and argumentation. I strongly believe that argument is the means to solve disputes and coordinate (doxastic) differences between people. We need constructive conflict

We (again and again) need to be confronted with different beliefs, perspectives, and ways of life. Only then can we treat each other with tolerance, openness, and respect. This has tragically become evident once again in the recent rise of populism in Europe and the United States.

We need to be confronted with novel situations and problems. Only then will we remain sharp and resourceful. Only then will we be and stay happy.

I am convinced that interdisciplinary approaches in industry, society, and science are the key to the most pressing problems of our time. No single person, party, or discipline can solve them single-handedly. The (academic) study of philosophy has taught me that the way to truth and happiness is constructive conflict.